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Professional Development

The FLRC organizes several excellent specialists to give sessions through the Northwest Learning Consortium. Ideally, we want the educators to attend as many of these sessions as possible! We have provided the following funds to enable all FSL/Immersion/Francophone educators the opportunity to attend the sessions.

Who is eligible?

- Educators from the  FSL/Immersion/Francophone programs have access to $1200 per year toward their professional development in French if their school division is part of the FLRC partnership (GPPSD, GPCSD, PWSD, HFCRD, PRSD, CSNO, HPSD).
- The partnership school divisions will provide release time for all French educators to attend French professional development.

How to ask for release time? 

- Please inform your principal when you choose to access the $1200.
- Costs covered during a PD event include travel, meals, lodging and fees. Keep all your receipts!

Teachers must make their request at least four weeks prior to the training or event chosen by completing the request for reimbursement form. Once the event has taken place, teachers will need complete the confirmation of professional development form and upload their receipts as a PDF with the form.

* This funding is designed to complement and add to PD funding from your school district and other bursary programs offered by Alberta Education. Please continue to access these services first.

* Unforeseen travel costs which are incurred while travelling to and from conferences, workshops or courses are not the responsibility of the FLRC.

Provincial Bursaries

Remember that you can access additional professional development opportunities that are offered in French through the provincial Individual Teacher Language Bursary Program. This program provides up to $2200 a year to all FSL/Immersion teachers including immersive experiences, conferences and courses! For more info, visit  Alberta Education - Individual Teacher Bursary - French Language. 

Tuition Reimbursement 

As part of the collective agreements, GPPSD and GPCSD will reimburse tuition fees for credit university courses.  This includes the French university-transfer credit courses offered by GPRC.  Please refer to your respective collective agreement for further details. Take advantage of this great opportunity to further improve your French! 

Required forms for PD reimbursement