Cultural Events

The FLRC has lined up a lot of fun and enriching cultural events for the 2021–2022 school year! The list below provides you with a month-by-month description of the events that are coming soon. The FLRC will reimburse for 50% of the costs.

Exact dates are yet to be determined.

October 2021: 


Communication Jeunesse — Invite an author or illustrator in your classroom or join them online for a literary activity that will amaze the students and create passionate readers. 

Activities are broken down by age and level of reader students are at. The presenter will stimulate their interest to read. Your readers will have to pay attention as they embark on a journey that is funny and surprising. 

More information to come in the new school year.

Cost is of $200 per presentation or $475 for three (3) presentations 

Communication Jeunesse

January—February 2022: 


Chef à l’École — Chef à l’École provides an interactive cultural experience for French students. Students have the opportunity to expand their current vocabulary while baking French-inspired recipes from scratch. Our chefs will share a curriculum based French cultural story while treats are in the oven.

Costs are:

1 session (50-60 min): 185$ + TVH


3 sessions (50-60 min each): 450$ + TVH


4 sessions (50-60 min each): 575$ + TVH

Chef à l'école

March 2022 (During Francophonie month): 


Bill Bestiole — Who is not fascinated by dinosaurs?

Bumble Bill is passionate about it! With the help of the crowd, we go back in time to discover these immense creatures of the past. He also invites you to discover insects and other bizarre critters from the Jurassic era.

With fun songs and colorful interactive numbers, we go back in time to marvel. Even the most terrifying carnivores become lovable and fascinating. And yes, in the Jurassic era there were also tarantulas and scorpions then as well so;

In the end, we don’t say Yuk, we say WOW! 

For Ages 5–12 and a show can also be offered for ages 12–17. The possibility of having an evening show for families is also available. The cost per show is $1,800, which includes travel, accommodations, decor and a technician. 

Workshops (about an hour long) are also available at an extra cost of $350. 

Bill Bestiole

April 2022


Monde Apart— offers immersion schools a French musical experience like no other! Featuring songs themed around Canada’s Great White North, BEATBOXING workshops and more! MONDE À PART is a world particularly inviting for young boys, yet just as amusing for girls! This will be offered in person.

Monde Apart



May 2022: 


Daniel Richer Since time immemorial, members of Canada’s First Peoples have passed knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next through storytelling, it is much more than entertainment; This time-honored tradition is a wonderful way to keep our connection with the world that surrounds us as we see it and the things that we find important cultural beliefs, rituals, history, and life lessons. Workshops are also available for older students only, at an additional cost. Note that some materials would also be required in order to participate in the workshop.


Costs are 


800.00$ per presentation or $1,000 with a workshop

Daniel Richer

Juin 2022: 

Anne Glover With one simple prop—a loop of string—Anne holds her audience breathless as she deftly brings them into her stories, creating characters out of thin air. She intertwines multicultural tales with string figures from indigenous cultures around the globe. Anne highlights diversity, cooperation, and the life lessons embedded in both the stories and the strings. Her mischievous wit makes this show richly engaging for all ages.


Costs are approximately $300 per presentation or $1,200 per day.

Anne Glover
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