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Au secours! I'm teaching FSL- Webinar Series

September 24, 2019

Does the thought of your French as a second language teaching assignment have you thinking, “au secours”? Join this webinar series for support, strategies and ideas delivered in manageable chunks at the end of your school day. 

Each session will include a presentation based on the day’s topic; a related participant sharing of ‘this is what works for me’, which we will capture in a shared Google document; a Q & A for you to seek specific ideas from the facilitator and your colleagues; and opportunity to shape the content of future sessions. Participants will also be encouraged to share their contact information so that further collaboration can take place in between sessions.

The sessions will be delivered in English, although you can expect to hear some French. Participants can use the official language of their choice.

  •         Part #1: Getting Started: October 10

Commençons the webinar series with ways to get organized for your French as a second language teaching assignment. We’ll zoom in on the essentials and chat about ways to brush up on your French, line up key resources, organize some routines and develop an approach to planning with assessment and reporting in mind. Please be prepared to share a suggestion or two with your FSL colleagues so we can all learn from each other. 

  •         Part #2 Fall Edition: November 26

You’ve started up your French as a second language class, gotten to know your students, established some routines and finished reviewing the French that has been forgotten over the summer. If you find yourself asking, Now what?”, join us for a collegial conversation around productive ways to bookend winter break and more. Don’t forget to be prepared to share ideas! 

  •         Part #3 Winter Edition: February 3

You and your students have made it through the first half of the year in the French as a second language classroom, or at least the first few days of the new semester. Let’s chat about ways to increase student use of French and get ready for reporting. Again, please be prepared to share a suggestion or two.  

  •         Part #4 Spring Edition: May 6

Your students’ (and maybe their teacher’s!) motivation in their French as a second language course may be waning at this time of year. Let’s chat about ideas to ramp up student engagement and ensure that the school year ends with a bang so that your students are ready for next fall. As usual, please be prepared to share a few ideas with your FSL colleagues so we can all learn from each other. 


Register for this amazing PD by clicking here: https://www.nrlc.net/program/4778

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